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Wrongful Death Attorney in Show Low, Arizona

Dealing with the death of a loved one is painful, difficult, and confusing.

The pain that comes from this, both mentally and physically, is often unbearable. This is true whether the deceased was ill for a long time or whether death came suddenly. Add to these emotions feelings of anger, betrayal, and frustration when a beloved family member dies needlessly and suddenly due to the negligent actions of another person. The grief and shock can be overwhelming.

Accidental death becomes even more challenging when the person who died provided some or all of a family’s financial support. Those who are left behind feel enormous stress as they face situations not previously considered.

If any of this sounds familiar or describes your situation, we at White Mountain Injury Law extend our deepest sympathy. Please know we are available to assist you at this difficult time.

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How Does Arizona Define Wrongful Death?

Under Arizona Revised Statute 12-611, the spouse, parent, child, or estate of a deceased person who died due to the negligent actions of another party may file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the date of death. Often times, however, we are able to resolve the wrongful death claim without the need to file suit against the adverse party.

Arizona defines negligence as the failure of an individual, corporation, or government body to exercise reasonable care to prevent foreseeable injury or death to others.

The attorneys at White Mountain Injury Law are experienced in all aspects of wrongful death claims. We have represented the families of those killed in motorcycle accidents, UTV collisions, car-pedestrian accidents, airplane and helicopter crashes, medical malpractice situations, and, of course, when cars collide with other cars.

There is often a criminal and a civil side to a wrongful death case. The police and prosecuting attorneys handle the criminal aspects while private law firms (like White Mountain Injury Law) handle the civil side of things.

Types of Compensation You May Recover in a Wrongful Death Civil Suit

Rather than our clients being dragged through prolonged litigation, the attorneys at White Mountain Injury Law always attempt to resolve claims outside of court. However, when the insurance company is not willing to pay what our clients are entitled to receive, we hold nothing back: we litigate to the fullest extent. We will fight for maximum compensation for our clients. Here are some of the categories of compensation a jury may consider awarding you based on the evidence presented:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Medical costs your loved one incurred due to the accident before passing away
  • Replacement of your family member’s income
  • Replacement of damaged property
  • Grief and emotional trauma you and your family members continue to experience
  • Physical pain your loved one suffered due to the accident (in limited circumstances)
  • Loss of parental guidance or financial inheritance for children of the deceased

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One might anticipate the at-fault party and the legal team representing them would be compassionate to your situation and take responsibility for the accident…

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. You can expect the defense attorney to question your loved one’s actions, your motives in pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, and imply that someone else is actually to blame for the premature death.

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Rest assured, our experienced wrongful death attorneys know what to expect and how to hold negligent parties responsible for the devastation they have caused. You do not have to do this alone. Please contact our law firm to request a free case evaluation today.

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